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This Jacket Is Definitely A Must For Cold Weather.
I love this jacket. It fits well, and it is very warm and comfortable. I was worried that it was going to be leather belts too big for me, but it fits very well. I consider this wax jackets an instant staple in my wardrobe. Even though vintage leather jackets men it is called a wax jackets its not real big and does not restrict movement. I like the style very much. The white bomber jacket weatherproofing is great so far! I give this product a high rating.
Sam Burns

Fastidious Men!!
You know how hard to please men! To please leather trousers my husband even harder! But I did it!!! It is a big problem to choose something when we are shopping. It was mens chaps really risky to go online shopping with my husband! To my great amusement he liked it thanks to jackethouse.co.uk. The only problem leather trousers men was with sizing and here we were lucky! This wax jackets fits ideal. Now my husband doesn't see any reason to go vintage bomber jacket to real shops. He buys only on jackethouse.co.uk. And the whole family is happy!!!
Allison Ginger

Super Wax Jackets!!
I just love it! This wax jackets leather dress is just as described. Sizing right on and the length is absolutely ok! Definitely the warmest wax jackets I've ever purchased. It's leather corset puffy, and the pockets are great to carry keys, money, also a man's wallet fits perfectly. I would recommend and suggest to black leather jacket a friend to buy it on jackethouse.co.uk. This product is exactly what we were looking for. Better than expected! Don't miss the easy rider jacket chance to buy this amazing wax jackets while it is still available!
Theodor Ferns

Best Wax Jackets Ever!!
I got to rock this jacket for the first red bull jacket time this weekend. It was degrees at the summit and at the base...I was wearing only a thermal and this wax jackets ladies leather jackets and was sweating all day....Its keeps you both dry and so warm its not even funny...pockets for all your gadgets, gizmos, and leather belts what have you...and the mp pocket is outside so you do not have to lose the warmth to get to it...all in motorcycle trousers all, this is my favorite jacket, and I give points to it!!
Nate Mace

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